Finally collect your
hardest-to-reach data.

Sync thousands of utility accounts in minutes. Monitor and analyze your energy usage across all facilities. Collect and extract your data - regardless of the type of bill.

For Owners and Occupants

Technology companies utilize energy in various ways, and the extent of their energy consumption varies based on factors such as company size, location, offered services, and the implementation of energy-efficient practices. Similarly, retail organizations have diverse energy consumption needs. Non-food retailers primarily consume energy through lighting and HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). In contrast, retailers dealing in food products typically require substantial energy for refrigeration.

Stay ahead of industry standards

• Accurately predict energy usage and costs for low confidence buildings
• Unlock key insights and recommendations across your portfolio to reduce energy costs
• Hit your ESG and net zero commitments

Wecentralize your hard-to-reach data.

• For once, 100% of your data is in one place
• Connect to thousands of utility providers instantly
• Upload local data and connect with third-party APIs

Wescan millions of ESG data in seconds.

• Get your parsed data in seconds
• Validate your data with data quality checks. Flag outlier numbers and missing dates.
• Export all of your bills, from PDFs to handwritten notes, to a CSV

Weautomatically connect to your existing Energy Management System or ESG solution.

• Consolidate all of your data and sync up Leafpress with your existing EMS/BMS tool
• Use Leafpress as your source of truth for utility data collection
• Finally collect your data, extract the values, and store the data in a database

We're leading the market.

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