What does Leafpress do? 

Leafpress helps real estate folks collect their utility data with AI. We do this by extracting data from millions of utility bills at once, and automatically reporting to carbon regulations.

Wait, any type of bill?

Yes! Bills in multiple languages, formats, handwritten notes, etc. are all easily managed through Leafpress.

What does the Leafpress platform offer?

We offer a centralized utility data aggregation platform, with collection, automatic parsing and reporting of your data.

What is included in "utility data"?

Utility data includes electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage bills from your utility companies.

What sets your carbon accounting services apart from competitors?

Our state-of-the-art LLMs are extremely accurate and fast, saving you hundreds of hours manually processing each building. To learn more about how we differ from OCR and manual entry, see here.

Why should my company collect utility data?

If you are not already required to by regulation, then you should collect it to get a better understanding of where your costs are being spent, how to save across your utilities, and how to better report to ESG disclosures.

Can I share the platform with a team member or property management teams?

Yes! Our software is easily able to accommodate different firm structures and sizes.

We're leading the market.

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